FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What does brainmate offer that can’t be offered by a patent lawyer?

brainmate is independent, and provides all the services of multi-discipline, experienced specialists which are necessary to establish the fair valuation of a patent. brainmate’s fully integrated networking already contains the required patent information required which would otherwise have to be collected in a people, time and cost intensive process.

What is unique about the brainmate service?

Relying on our unique database, which is constantly updated, we are able to provide objective data covering most countries in the world, such as Europe, the US, Japan, China, and India.

How accurately can brainmate forecast the future of technologies and the emergence of new potential competitors?

Our forecasts are as accurate as is presently possible. Data on IP are definitely among the most comprehensive and best catalogued data in the world. In addition, the brainmate experts work in different languages and know the special conditions of some national patent offices. In this respect brainmate’s consulting service is significantly ahead of any competitor.

What is better, keeping an invention as a business secret or filing a patent for it?

It depends. brainmate can provide independent advice on whether it is appropriate to choose one of these avenues.

How can brainmate help build a sustainable patent strategy?

brainmate’s experts apply a holistic approach and bring an experience of many years to the table. Each patent valuation is an individual case, consequently experience counts double.

On average, how much of a company’s value do IP and intangible assets represent?

Some studies say that they represent at least 90% of a company’s market value. Others talk about 87% in selected industries like ITC or biotech.

Which special services does brainmate provide for investors?

brainmate offers investors a unique and reliable approach to valuing IP. One service consists of consulting regarding the valuation of a company’s patent or patent group – before the purchase, during the shareholding period or in the case of a disinvestment or sale. With this service brainmate provides an independent “third party opinion”. In addition we offer the ”Megatrend Advisor” as part of the “brainmate Investment Advisor” service for more general insight, and the “Special Investment Advisor” for specific client needs, e.g. for family offices.

Can brainmate help governments make decisions on economic promotion?

These decisions are of great importance - as large amounts of tax payers’ money are going to be spent, and the goal is the implementation of sustainable structures that provide ongoing employment opportunities. We can identify the weaknesses and strengths in the area of innovation in any territory, and provide advice for mid- and long-term improvements of the situation.

What is a “patent troll”?

A business concept based on acquiring patents without practicing any technology, and earning license fees by suing or threatening to sue any users of these patents.

What is better, walling off the patents that my company holds or participating in open innovation?

Innovation is always more inspired by the outside than the inside world of a business or institution. Thus, open innovation is a perfect tool for strengthening the innovative power of a company.

Can brainmate help on a global basis or only in Europe?

brainmate provides insight on a global basis - regarding more than 50 countries, with all economically important countries being contained in this group. In a number of countries we have established relationships with local experts in patent and technology questions. In those countries where we have yet to set up these connections, we will ensure that we close the gap in our network as soon as the need arises.

How can a country achieve above-average IP creation?

Encourage innovation and the generation of IP through monetary or other benefits, and provide assistance for making the area of IP more transparent for innovators. For example in China there are university lectures about the patenting process, and in some cases the state pays the patent fees.

How could China position itself as a global leader in patenting, having implemented its patent law only in 1985?

China’s government has achieved this based on centralized mid- and long-term planning, and its strategic goal to become the leading nation of inventors.

In which respect are the conditions for obtaining a patent likely to change in the future?

They will become more harmonized across the world, concerning both the legal requirements and the quality of the review.

Quotes on brainmate

“Nothing is as unclear as the future. There are many tools for forecasting and sketching a scenario of upcoming changes in the competitive landscape. They all suffer from a lack of precise information. Probably the only perfectly accurate instrument is an analysis based on the research of the patents that have been granted up to today. Nobody spends a lot of money on a patent if he is not willing to commercialize it.” Dr. Péter Balas
Deputy Director-General for Trade, European Commission
“brainmate is the best tool available to gather the information we need as entrepreneurs to protect the actual value of our companies – the intellectual property which was built by many experts over many years. Before we invest millions , we want to have the best possible information.” Mark Turrell
Founder Orcasci, Young Global Leader and Technology Leader World Economic Forum