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How do you identify the technologies that will change your world?

What technologies have the biggest potential to change the world? What technologies are at the forefront of your area today, and what changes can we expect in the next 5-10 years? How should you approach the patent situation in relevant fields of technology?
  • brainmate’s goal is to become the preferred service provider for inventors, businesses, and investors regarding this question.
  • brainmate helps you verify your vision, ideas and plans by offering an overview of the existing developments in your playing field which are protected by some form of IP. We can also give you information about rejected patents, and former or present IP litigation.
  • In the case of existing patents, brainmate provides advice on how to put into practice your invention via different strategies, such as using a new approach to producing your product or avoiding long-term problems by purchasing or licensing third-party IP (which can be a cheaper, less risky and faster way of reaching your goal).
  • Save time, money and stress, and protect your future potential. Start out with a clear picture of the IP situation in the area of your potential idea, invention or business.

Learning from the leaders in innovation

Today’s global companies work in a highly competitive environment where traditional expansion through organic growth, increased efficiency, and “synergetic” take-overs are no longer sufficient sources of growth.

An effective innovation strategy based upon the “Blue Ocean Theory” - a search for unique business ideas and the creation of new markets - therefore becomes the key driver of sustainable corporate advantage.

Investment in research and development, the creation of new businesses by spin-outs, external ventures investing in new technologies and emerging markets, joint ventures – which corporate innovation strategies are right for you?
  • brainmate enables you to take shortcuts when developing your innovation strategy, by learning from benchmark corporations in your field which have implemented efficient R&D processes. The key elements of their approach are usually well-protected business and technology secrets. By analyzing their output in the shape of IP assets, brainmate can describe to you how industry-leading companies or your competitors have managed their path to success.

New challenges for investors

The world of venture capital investors has been changing due to the emergence of crowd funding, super-angels and accelerators, surplus of capital, lowering of professional standards and barriers to entry into the profession, more active behavior of investors in emerging markets, etc. What is your position in the market? What is the value of your portfolio? What is the potential of your portfolio?
  • brainmate has the perfect tool to answer these questions for you. With our unique database containing the up-to-date status of the IP across all industries worldwide, brainmate is able to provide the most precise advice possible.
  • Whatever the situation - due diligence, seed financing, bridge and mezzanine financing, growth and expansion financing or (hopefully not) illiquidity or bankruptcy – ask brainmate to establish the exact value of the intangible but usually biggest asset of your investment.

Trend: Nanotechnologies will revolutionize the finding of new materials

Working with nanoparticles offers endless opportunities to manage the properties of materials. Using nanoparticles as additives makes it possible to improve the quality of fuel, protective and strengthening products, metals and plastics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, paints, paper, etc.

Despite the relatively recent start of work in this area, we can already say that nanotechnology is not only increasing the efficiency of existing materials, but is also creating new products that can alter entire industries.

The crucial question is whether nanotechnology can improve the durability, quality, and space-saving features of industrial and consumer goods and, at the same time, make them cheaper.

Trend: “The race to the moon” on the highways on earth

In the next 5-10 years, technologies in the mobility sector based on new motors and especially new batteries will decide who will sit in the driving seat of e-car technology. It is easily possible that none of the big companies currently established in the automotive industry will be the overall winner. Will it be an open innovations deal? Will it be an outsider to the field of energy-storage development? Will they apply an entirely new approach to find the best possible solution for battery usage?

Trend: Niches in the field of developing future energy sources

The emergence of a radically new technology that can compete with conventional power production based on hydrocarbon, hydropower, and nuclear power would dramatically change the world energy balance. Its impact would be much greater than ongoing fluctuations in hydrocarbon fuel supply and demand due to economic ups and downs, the depletion of existing fields, and the launch of production at new fields.

Which technologies will be able to challenge the usual methods of producing energy? Perhaps it will be nuclear fusion, solar panels or microbiology. Is it possible to predict today what the future breakthrough source of energy will be? Perhaps the real breakthrough is not waiting for us in the production of energy, but in its transfer or consumption?

Trend: Personalized medicine and biotechnologies will drive future health

Experts agree that personalized medicine, and medicine employing forecasting methods and molecular diagnostics (i.e. predictive medicine) are the most promising fields in healthcare today. Based on the analysis of an individual’s genetic structure, and special features of the metabolic processes in a person’s body, modern diagnosticians can make an accurate prediction regarding particular diseases or pathological processes in that body.

Synthetic biology, the development of medical materials (including nanostructured ones), epigenetics, and genomics in agriculture as well as bioinformatics are other technology trends that might lead to an explosive growth of corresponding market segments in the next 5-10 years.

Trend: The future of pharmacology

Within the 150 years since pharmacology has become a science, more than 200,000 medicines have been created, two thirds of them in the last 50 years. Current general biological knowledge makes it possible to create medicine with particular properties on request. What can we expect from pharmacology in the third millennium, and which drugs will replace the traditional pills?

Trend: Longevity – realizing the oldest dream of mankind

In the next 10-20 years, technologies based on stem cells and organ transplant, new approaches to the selective removal of “aged” cells, and other innovative developments will probably lead to an important rise in people’s lifetime. The latest medical achievements make it possible to slow down the aging process and cure age-related diseases, and the techniques of body tissue rejuvenescence with the help of stem cells and cloned organs, as well as other scientific achievements, promise a significant increase in longevity.
brainmate supports interested parties with detailed information about the latest developments in this sector. Based on the detailed analysis of already granted patents or patent applications, it can show you where specific developments are taking place in this fast-growing field of future applications.

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