brainmate Offers Comprehensive Strategic Consulting for your IP Portfolio

brainmate uses a sophisticated network which covers all relevant sources of national and international patent information. This unique infrastructure enables our patent lawyers to perform a comprehensive analysis of your company’s specific situation, which is then complemented by detailed advice from industry and technology experts.

Analysis of the Landscape

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brainmate Service


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brainmate Service

Quotes on brainmate

“There will be a war over IP – the key to the future! I think China is currently doing best, especially if we keep in mind the short history of business and IP in this country.“ Axel Stellbrink
Patent Lawyer and Innovation Strategist
“brainmate is the best tool available to gather the information we need as entrepreneurs to protect the actual value of our companies – the intellectual property which was built by many experts over many years. Before we invest millions , we want to have the best possible information.” Mark Turrell
Founder Orcasci, Young Global Leader and Technology Leader World Economic Forum