Case Studies

Technology changes create new companies and eliminate existing ones.
This used to happen especially when there were no communication channels to deliver timely information about new developments to the decision makers of established companies. Investors relied on the size and wealth of those companies. Owners and shareholders were satisfied with the current market position. Management believed that nothing could hurt them and the future was somehow secure. But history has taught us a different lesson.

Here are some examples you should keep in mind when you are trying to assess and protect your own innovation power, and the value of the related intellectual property.

Quotes on brainmate

“Nothing is as unclear as the future. There are many tools for forecasting and sketching a scenario of upcoming changes in the competitive landscape. They all suffer from a lack of precise information. Probably the only perfectly accurate instrument is an analysis based on the research of the patents that have been granted up to today. Nobody spends a lot of money on a patent if he is not willing to commercialize it. And that will take place in the next 3 to 10 years.” Dr. Péter Balas
Deputy Director-General for Trade, European Commission
“The business concept of brainmate is simply an excellent solution for the industry!” Prof. Ruslan Grinberg
Director, Institute for International Economic and Political Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences